Dairy-free Protein Powder

Veganism is gaining popularity and acceptance globally with strong reasons and scientific pieces of evidence. The link between eating lots of fruits and vegetables and having a healthy body and brain is well documented. Health Experts recommend a plant-based diet for heart patients and sugar patients for a healthy lifestyle. Plants have less amount of protein compared to meat and poultry products.“What are the options for Vegans as a source of Protein?”. Dairy-Free Protein Powders are the quick fix.

Dairy-Free Protein Powders are available in the markets which play an important role in the lifestyle of a vegan. One should not consume it as wholesome food. Dairy-Free Protein Shakes can be a quick fix for energy restoration after gym or workout. The plant-based ingredients used in these powders have enough amount of protein to give nutrition to your body. Their second name is lactose-free protein shakes.

What is a Dairy-Free Protein Powder?

The “Dairy-Free” word itself suggests that it is free from dairy animals’ products, especially milk. So the Protein Powder that is not made from Cow’s milk but made from only plants like Soy, Brown Rice, pea, etc. is called Dairy-free Protein Powder.

Dairy-free protein powders are derived from various plants like hemp, soy, brown rice, and pea. The final product is in powder form with only one type of plant or a combination of different plants. As they do not contain dairy lactose, dairy-free protein powders are suitable for vegans and lactose-intolerant people.

Benefits Of Dairy Free Protein Powder:

Benefits Of Dairy Free Protein Powder

Good Protein Source for Lactose Intolerant People.

Dairy Protein powders contain a form of sugar that is called lactose. A special type of enzyme ‘lactase’ is needed to digest it. Some people lack this type of enzyme. They are called lactose intolerants. Dairy-Free Protein Powders are best for them as a protein supplement.

Better Bone Health

Most people believe that whey protein or milk protein is the best for the bones. Nutritional science has proved that increased consumption of milk protein is not that beneficial; for bones. Dairy-free products also help in improving bone density.

Avoid Some Types of Cancers.

Many medical researchers have concluded that a high amount of calcium intake will result in prostate cancer in men. So Dairy Protein powders should be avoided and shifted to dairy-free protein powders as they are less harmful to the body as well as the environment.

Globally Sustainable Product

Dairy-free products have less effect on the environment as they require less amount of water, land, and energy. They have global acceptance as a sustainable product. If the health of the planet is as important for you as your health, opt for Dairy-free protein powder.

Reduce Inflammation 

According to some scientific studies, switching your food choices from animal-based to plant-based have many benefits. It will reduce some inflammatory diseases. As fewer chemicals are induced in its production, it is safe to use compared to milk-based proteins.

Do You Need Dairy-Free Protein Powder?

Dairy-Free products are useful for those people who are lactose intolerant. Lactose-free protein powders are completely made from plants or herbs so it is preferable for vegans and lactose-intolerant people. If you wish to go vegan, these options are also good for you. 

Always consult your dietician before opting for any of the protein powders. Dairy-free protein powders are hormone and anti-biotic-free as well as cruelty-free. If environmental sustainability is more important than your health, plant-based protein is the best source for you.


Adopting a vegan lifestyle is a new normal. Try some Best Organic Protein Powder which helps you improve your overall health as Plant-based food eating habit is a sustainable way of living. As we know Protein rotation is good, Dairy-free protein powders offer dietary diversity. For Overall good health, protein supplements are a must and Dairy-free protein powders are good sources of diversified plant-based protein. So opt for it with the guidance of your nutrition expert.

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