best protein powders for diabetes

Protein powders are the type of protein in powder form. It is a common type of nutritional supplement since they are an essential nutrient that aids in muscle growth, tissue repair, and the production of enzymes and hormones. Protein supplements can also aid with weight loss and muscular toning.

Added sweeteners, thickeners, vitamins, minerals, and artificial flavoring are all common additives in protein powders. When blended with a glass of milk and made into a drink, it can provide roughly 1200 calories to a person.

In addition, if you have diabetes, you should watch your calorie consumption. On the market, there are a variety of diabetic-friendly protein powders. We’ve narrowed down the top five protein powders for diabetes. Keep reading.

Advantages of protein powder for diabetes

Advantages of protein powder for diabetes?

If a person with diabetes has trouble getting sufficient protein in their diet, protein powder could be an alternative method to get more protein into their diet.

If yes, then how much protein is safe protein for diabetic patients?

Persons with diabetes, on average, do not require any more or less protein than people without diabetes. Increased protein intake may aid with blood sugar regulation by reducing and balancing carbohydrate intake.

If your kidneys are in good shape, the US Dietary Guidelines recommend getting 10 to 35 percent of your calories from protein. Protein should account for roughly 30-35 percent of calories for diabetes patients and healthy kidneys.

Depending on your specific needs and traits, this would equate to 120-180g protein each day. Consult a certified dietitian to assess your specific needs and what is ideal for you.

Top 5 best protein powders for diabetes. 

Authentic Whey Protein

Authentic Whey protein for diabetics

Authentic Whey is suitable for people with diabetes, and it is the product of a proprietary filtration method that produces highly pure native whey proteins that are low in calories and lactose. Natural immunoglobulins, vitamins, and minerals are abundant in the final product.

It has a high amount of protein per serving, which allows you to assimilate it rapidly and digest it as well. This Whey protein for diabetics has minimal sugar and fat content, making it appropriate for diabetic patients.

Orgain Organic chocolate protein powder

Orgain organic plant based protein powder for diabetics. 

Do you prefer protein powder with an organic composition? Then the Orgain Organic Plant-Based Protein powder supplement is for you.

It’s essentially a peanut butter protein isolate with beans, brown rice, and Chia seeds added in. Diabetics and fitness enthusiasts will like the low carb content and 160 calories per cup.

It is an excellent formula to include in your diet. You may use it to make a delicious protein smoothie or combine it with other ingredients to bake cakes and biscuits. There are no unnatural components; it’s gluten-free, low in carbohydrates, soy-free, kosher, carrageen-free for good immunity. Check for more details.

Genepro protein powder

GenePro by Musclegen. 

It is a high-concentration, low-calorie protein powder with a serving size of just one tablespoon. This protein powder for diabetes has a high adsorption efficiency and is non-GMO, gluten-free, and unflavored. It’s perfect for diabetic patients, wrestlers, athletes, and anybody else looking for a low-calorie protein supplement.

It is referred to be the “next generation” of protein powder and is ideal for weight loss.

Each tablespoon contains 30 grams of pure whey protein and only 58.5 calories per serving. This gene proprotein powder has a high absorption rate and has 0.6 milligrams of carbohydrates and 0.3 milligrams of fat.

Aloha Plant Based Protein powder

Aloha plant based protein powder for diabetics. 

The ALOHA Plant Based Protein Powder for diabetics is excellent since it contains coconut sugar, which will fulfill your sweet tooth. If you use this powder, you don’t have to be concerned about your blood glucose levels.

The product weighs 1.0 pounds and comes in a single package with 15 servings. The recipe also contains MCT oil from coconuts and dietary fibers, in addition to protein extracts. Sugary components are reduced, and carbohydrates are kept to a minimum.

Probiotics for a healthy bowel and electrolytes that help you regulate the food’s water content are included in this nutritious recipe. We can use this powder in various ways to help you regain your strength and vitality.


Dr berg's meal replacement shake

Dr berg’s meal replacement shake. 

The majority of diabetic patients believe that mixing protein powder with carbohydrates will lead to a rise in their sugar levels.

That, however, is not the case. The carbohydrate content of most of these protein powders is minimal, particularly if you choose a product like Dr. Berg’s Meal Replacement Shake.

This protein powder is made from organic pea and contains high-quality plant protein. It can also be used as a meat substitute based on one’s appetite because the protein and carb content is split evenly.

It is one of the best protein powders for diabetics because it contains very little sugar (less than 1 g).

Wrapping up! 

Here is the complete list of the 5 best protein powders for diabetics and also about the advantages of protein powder for diabetes.

 So, do check out the full list & let us know whether you find this article helpful. 

Also, we would love to hear which protein powder you are using for diabetes.

Note: Kindly take note that any advice or instructions provided here are not intended for qualified medical advice from a professional healthcare provider. We advise you to consult your certified specialist for a better recommendation.

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