High Protein Diet

A high protein diet has become very popular lately because it helps reduce body fat, improve muscle strength and build lean muscle mass. The high protein diet also helps increase energy levels and boost metabolism. 

Are you looking for ways to follow a high protein diet? If so, you might find this article interesting. This article will give you some simple ideas to follow a high protein diet.

High Protein Food to Eat: Vegetarian & Nov Vegetarian!

There are several ways to follow a high-protein diet. But choosing high protein food for vegetarian & high protein food for non-vegetarian difference cames up. Hence here’s the complete guidance for how to follow a high protein diet whether you’re a vegetarian or non-vegetarian

High Protein Food for Vegetarians

List of high protein sources for vegetarian:


Protein content: 8gm

How to eat: Rost or bake with a seasoned salt


Protein content: 9gm

How to eat: Soup, stew, curry & etc.


Protein content: 11gm

How to eat: Lightly seasoned with salad


Protein content: 9gm

How to eat: Patties, burritos, soup, salads & so on.


Protein content: 6gm

How to eat: Salad, upma, khichdi, pulao & etc.

Low Fat Cheese 

Protein content: 15-20gm 

How to eat: Sandwiches, pasta, burger, lasagne and so on. 

Note: Carries too much calories. 

Chia Seeds

Protein content: 16gm

How to eat: Sprinkle in salads, smoothies, juices, sweet treats & so on.


Protein content: 20-25gm

How to eat: Rost or baked with seasoned spices or eat as it is. 

High Protein Food for Non-vegetarians

List of high protein sources for non-vegetarians:

Egg Whites

Protein content: 11gm

How to eat: Boiled, souffle, scrambled,omelette & etc.


Protein content: 23-25gm

How to eat: Bake & seasoned with spices & so on.


Protein content: 23-25gm

How to eat: Pasta, patties, soup & so on


Protein content: 18-19gm

How to eat: Grill,bake or roast with black pepper


Protein content: 24-26gm

How to eat: Soup, roast, bake, grill & so on


Protein content: 29gm 

How to eat: Salad, soup, roasted with veggies & so on.


Follow a High Protein Diet

Why Follow a High Protein Diet?

A high protein diet is often recommended for those who want to lose weight or build muscle mass. But why should you follow such a diet? What are the benefits? High protein diets are typically associated with increased muscle growth, improved athletic performance, and reduced body fat. They also tend to promote satiety and reduce hunger. However, some studies suggest that a high protein diet might increase the risk of kidney stones. If you are already prone to developing kidney stones, then it is better to stick to a low protein diet.

How Much Protein Should I Intake?

It is vital to consume enough protein on a daily basis in order to maintain excellent health. Protein needs vary from person to person. Experts recommend that most active people consume 0.54-0.9 gramme of protein per pound of body weight (1.2-2 gramme per kg) every day. We hope that our readers are now aware of some of the best protein-rich foods to choose from, which include both animal and plant-based sources. Try including a few of the high protein foods on this list into your diet to help you meet your daily protein requirements.

Quick Ways to Follow High Protein Diet:

Even for people with various dietary restrictions, there are numerous methods to add more protein in the diet. People who adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet, or who eliminate dairy, can, for example, consume a high-protein diet. People can either add more protein to their current diet or adopt a specific high-protein diet plan.

When undertaking a high-protein diet, the following actions may be beneficial:

Take Away: 

Following a high protein diet is not as complicated as it seems; if you follow the correct and easy guidelines, this can make the process smoother. As a result, this article and the tips mentioned above are here to provide you with the correct way to follow a high protein diet. Furthermore, organic protein powder shakes play an important role in meeting your protein requirements, so choose high-quality protein-rich protein powders. Check out our list of the best organic protein powder for weight loss to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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